Why Java is used widely for Developing Banking Applications

By December 3, 2014 November 21st, 2017 News

Unlike the technology firms, banks and financial institutions are very conservative about deciding the programming language to develop applications. There are also many instances when banks have to compensate customers to minor defects in their applications. But a number of reports have highlighted that Java is being used widely as a high performance programming language for building a wide variety of mission critical financial applications. There are also several reasons why Java is considered by many organizations for creating banking applications.

Deutsche Bank AG London has collaborated with security vendor Waratek for creating an effective self-defense tool that helps enterprises in overcoming the problem related to several applications written in different versions of Java. The tool makes it easier for banks to optimize the security of their internal applications by overcoming the large degree of variance in Java deployment in their infrastructure. So the banks can work with security vendors to create new applications that help their applications in delivering richer and secure user experience.

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