The below represents the standard Support Agreement for all Waratek products and services. A final version of this agreement will be incorporated into the End User License Agreement signed by each customer and may vary from this agreement based on the unique needs of the customer.

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A. Support Services Availability

Support Services will be available to the Licensee within regular business hours (“Regular Hours”) (Mon-Fri, 8:30AM – 5:30PM of one of the following time zones: UTC, EST, CST, MST, PST, as specified by the Licensee, with the exception of Christmas Day (Dec.25) and New Year’s Day (Jan.1)). During Regular Hours, Support Services will be available for any types of issues and any issue priorities.

  • Outside of Regular Hours, during weekends and holidays, namely on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, Support Services will be available only for Critical and High priority issues that have significant business impact and must be addressed immediately.

B. Contacting WARATEK Support Services

  • During Regular Hours, dedicated Support Services as described below may be accessed by telephone at: +1 (888) 907-9699
  • Support Services may also be accessed by sending an email to or using the Waratek support site at
  • Outside of Regular Hours, Support Services may be accessed by calling a toll-free Support after hours line at +1 (888) 907-9699.

C. Escalation Process

Any support issue may be escalated either by the Client or internally, at any point.  The escalation path should be as follows:

  • On-site Support Analyst (if any)
  • Account Manager or Account Executive
  • Principal, Client Services
  • Director, Client Services
  • EVP
  • CTO
  • CEO

D. Response Process, Severity Codes

The WARATEK Support model is designed to ensure quick response times and effective delivery of solutions to clients.  The First Response is only sent to the client after the support case is:

  • Properly reviewed and understood
  • Its priority is assessed
  • It is assigned to the appropriate resource

Definition of severity levels

The severity level, assigned by Company at the time of communicating  a support request, may be changed by mutual written consent during the process of resolving the error.  The severity levels are the following:

a. Severity 1: No further work can be performed, or processing capability is so limited that the probability of a serious operational backlog is create There is no convenient work-around, and the error requires immediate attention. Supplier will have a support staff working to resolve the error within sixty minutes of notification by Company and will ensure continuous support until the error has been resolved to Company’s satisfaction. In addition, Supplier will make every effort to resolve or temporarily circumvent the Error within four hours after Company’s call. Supplier will provide the contact persons designated by Company with a status report not less than every two hours, unless expressly waived by Company. Supplier will make a permanent correction through a Maintenance Version of the Product and/or Service.

b. Severity 2: Processing capability is limited and the error has some significant adverse impact on Supplier will give immediate attention to the error and will make every reasonable effort to circumvent the Error within one Working Day after Company’s call. Supplier will provide the contact person designated by Company with a status report every two hours, unless expressly waived by Company. Supplier will make a permanent Correction through a Maintenance Version of the Product and/or Service.

c. Severity 3: Day to day operational Errors not classified as severity 1 or severity Supplier will give prompt attention to the error and will make every effort to provide a solution as soon as reasonably possible. If required, Supplier will make a Correction in its next Maintenance Version of the Product.

d. Severity 4: Errors not classified as severity 1, 2 or 3.

Support Levels

The maximum Response and Correction Times for the different Support Levels are:

Severity level Response Time Correction Time
Phone Email
1 Immediate 1 hours 2 business days
2 Immediate 4 hours 4 business days
3 Immediate 3 business days 15 business days
4 See note below Next Release-See note below

e. Severity level 4 support requests will be dealt with on a first-in/first-out basis after severity level 1, 2 and 3 support requests have been resolv

f. Supplier shall correct severity level 4 support requests in the next Release, if received more than ninety days before the release of this Rele If received later, they shall be corrected in the following Release. There may be intermediate or Temporary Corrections to these support requests.

g. All hours during the Support Hours are counted when calculating the Response or Correction

h. Should a severity level 1 or 2 support request fail to be cleared within the maximum Correction Time, all applicable resources within Supplier shall be called upon to assist in the Error reso

i. In case a Temporary Correction for severity level 1 or 2 is provided, then Supplier shall provide a final Correction within respectively five or ten Working Days after the provision of the Temporary Correction.

E. Resolution Process

WARATEK endeavors to resolve all incidents as quickly as possible during Regular Hours. However, WARATEK shall work continuously on all Critical Priority Incidents until such Incidents are resolved. Alternatively, the parties may mutually agree that such a resolution can also be affected by providing a work around and or a hot fix.

F. WARATEK Support Process and Methodology

  • Designated Support Analyst

The Licensee will be assigned a Designated Support Analyst who will regularly provide the latest information about any new product releases and/or product developments and also inform the Licensee about available training opportunities. The Designated Support Analyst shall act as the Licensee’s primary contact person in the event that the Licensee should have any technical and/or other problems with the WARATEK products and/or services provided hereunder.

  • Named Contacts

The Licensee shall designate in writing up to three (3) Named Contacts to request and receive telephone and email support services from WARATEK. All of the Licensee’s support inquiries shall be initiated through these Named Contacts. The Licensee may designate additional contact persons and may be charged if the total number of designated persons exceeds the limit set forth above, but can change the contact persons designated without additional charge. In order to help ensure an uninterrupted service, the Licensee shall notify WARATEK in writing of any changes related to its designated contact persons.

G. Licensee’s Obligations

In order to ensure effective cooperation between the Licensee and WARATEK Support, the Licensee agrees to:

  • Multiple environments – Maintain multiple independent development, test and production environments to preserve availability of production systems.
  • Versions and Platforms – Use only supported WARATEK product versions on supported platforms
  • Remote access to test environment(s) – Provide WARATEK with access to test environments on an as needed basis to troubleshoot reported incidents in order to replicate reported issues and perform diagnosis
  • Information currency – Update WARATEK in a reasonably timely manner on changes in the Licensee’s technical infrastructure relevant to WARATEK applications (e.g. product updates, hardware platform modifications, etc.)
  • Coordination – Alert WARATEK of imminent application upgrades to WARATEK products and/or WARATEK product infrastructure
  • Adequate testing – Perform pre-production tests with appropriate and adequate amounts of production data.
  • Incident reporting – Report incidents through WARATEK CRM/Helpdesk
  • Current product training – The Licensee’s named Contacts will have completed product training and obtained product training certifications for all of the WARATEK products licensee uses.