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The Security Problem

Traditional approaches to application security rely on heuristics to make educated guesses about known attacks. Instrumentation or web filters coupled with pattern matching and whitelists/blacklists are at the core these tools – along with high performance overhead and false positives.

Waratek Secure is different. Using a deterministic approach, Waratek Secure relies on “Always On” protections to safeguard applications from exploits in the OWASP Top Ten, the SANS Top 25, and other common attack vectors – without generating false positives or slowing the app.

Waratek Secure installs in minutes and instantly protects applications without requiring code changes or routine tuning.  Best of all, Waratek Secure has an ultra-low performance impact on an application and it produces no false positives.

Waratek Secure is backed by a rules subscription that allows you to select out-of-the box protections as well as apply custom rules without downtime.

of applications tested in 2017 had SQLi flaws (Source: Veracode)
Web applications are the primary target for attacks (Source: Verizon)
of 2017 breaches in the US were cyber related (Source: ITRC)
The number of hours companies have to report a breach under the GDPR

Finding software flaws is easy. Blocking attacks – not so much.

Waratek Secure

Waratek Secure

A lightweight plugin agent that protects against the known attack vectors found in:

  • 2013 and 2017 OWASP Top Ten
  • SANS Top 25
  • Other common exploits
  • Always-on protection against the OWASP Top Ten, SANS Top 25
  • Blocks and detects attacks
  • Ultra-low performance impact
  • No false positives. Guaranteed.
  • No app profiling, routine tuning or code changes required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Support for Java and .NET applications

Point. Click. Secure.

Waratek Secure will be available in Q3 2018.

Easy to Install

  • Simple plug-in agent to the Java JVM or .NET CLR
  • No downtime required to apply or configure a rule
  • No profile or tuning
  • No blacklist or whitelist required

Simple to Operate

  • Simple point and click rules configuration
  • Add and set protection level for single or multiple applications
  • Seamless intergration with common SEIM and central management tools
  • No false positives – guaranteed

Save Time and Money

Reduced costs of:

  • Managing security rules
  • Investigating false positives
  • Increased ability to focus on higher priority items
  • Improved compliance

Waratek Services

Rules Service

Create your own security rules using the Waratek rules engine, or subscribe to our rules service where we provide periodic security updates.

We also offer a custom rules service based on findings from common scanning tools that identify software flaws.  Give us your scanning reports and we’ll create custom rules on a subscription or a` la carte basis.

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