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Application Security


Company policies, industry standards and government regulations often require applications to be based on the most current version of software.  Yet, upgrading older enterprise applications is a binary choice: continue to run the app as is; or, invest a significant amount of time, money, and people to rewrite the code.


Waratek Enterprise is a comprehensive solution that combines the features of Waratek Patch and Waratek Secure with the power of a virtual upgrade for out-of-support Java applications with no code changes required.  And, 0-Day defense and protection for 100% of an application’s software stack are standard features.

of flaws discovered in 2016 were not fixed by the end of the year (Source: Veracode)
of businesses see more than 5000 security alerts each day (Source: Cisco)
of these alerts are investigated (Source: Cisco)
Fine assessed against a mobile phone retailer for a “seriously inadequate” patching program (United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office)
Waratek Enterprise

Waratek Enterprise

A plugin agent that provides the full suite of Waratek benefits:

  • Full Stack Security
  • Virtual Patching
  • Virtually upgrade out-of-support Java platform versions (v4 – v8) to current JVM
  • Automatically and instantly apply Java and .Net critical patch updates
  • Active protection against OWASP Top Ten, SANS 25 and Zero Day
  • Non-heuristic approach – No False Positives
  • No profiling; code changes or tuning
  • Ultra-low performance overhead
  • Self-manage or Waratek can provide as a service

Point. Click. Protect.

Waratek Enterprise Graphic

Easy to Install

  • Simple plug-in agent to the Java JVM or .Net CLR
  • Creates a Virtual Container
  • Protects the entire Application Stack
  • No profile or tuning

Simple to Operate

  • Full forensic data and alerts
  • Simple rules configuration
  • Simple deployment tool
  • Central patch deployment
  • No tuning
  • Compatible with common SIEMs and Central Orchestration tools

Highly Accurate

Memory Tracing is:

  • Always 100% exact
  • ‘Always on” with ultra low performance overhead
  • Eliminates the need for inaccurate/inexact heuristic techniques to detect code injections

Save Time and Money

Reduced costs of:

  • Patching
  • Re-writing Legacy Apps
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Increased ability to focus on higher priority items
  • Improved compliance with company, industry and government regulations

Protection Guaranteed

Waratek offers Protection Guarantees that back our products

  • “No Break” Guarantee – Waratek’s virtual patches will not break your applications.

  • “No False Positive” Guarantee  – Waratek will not generate false positives against the OWASP Top Ten.

All of Waratek’s guarantees come with a $10,000 per unique event credit.


Waratek Services

Subscription Service

Waratek Enterprise includes virtual patch and security rules subscriptions. You’ll receive routine and emergency virtual patches updates when they are issues by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM or other key software vendors like the Apache Foundation.

Custom Virtual Patching Service

Waratek offers a custom virtual patching service. Give us your scanning reports and we’ll create custom virtual patches on a subscription or a` la carte basis.

Patch Library

Waratek offers a library of Java Virtual Critical Patch Updates to ensure current and legacy applications are fully patched. Virtual patches for Java 7 and Java 8 are currently available. Java 5 and Java 6 will be available in Q2, and Java 4 will be available by Q3.

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Other Waratek Products

Waratek PatchWaratek Patch

A lightweight plugin agent to apply custom security patches as well as current and historical virtual patches for instant protection.

  • Create and apply custom virtual patches
  • Virtual patches of Java and .NET critical patch updates
  • Library of past CPUs to Java 4

Waratek SecureWaratek Secure

A lightweight plugin agent that protects against the known vulnerabilities found in:

  • 2013 and 2017 OWASP Top Ten
  • SANS Top 25
  • Zero Day Attacks