Waratek CTO Explains Why TLS Compliance is Difficult and What Can Be Done to Ease the Pain

By October 13, 2020 Blog, News

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 were deprecated in March 2020, but companies with large estates of web applications are still struggling to upgrade to the new standards. Waratek Founder & CTO John Matthew Holt discusses with CEO John Adams why compliance continues to elude organizations and how Waratek can reduce the time and cost to comply.


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Some of the world’s leading companies use Waratek to patch, secure and upgrade their mission critical web applications using our next generation technology. Waratek makes it easy for security teams to instantly patch known Java and .NET flaws with no downtime, protect their applications from known and Zero Day attacks, and virtually upgrade out-of-support Java applications – all without time consuming and expensive source code changes or unacceptable performance overhead.

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