Virtual Patching

Traditional patch methods leave applications open to attack from known vulnerabilities until your team can apply new code – which can take anywhere from weeks to months (or even years).

Waratek allows teams to apply routine and emergency security updates without taking an app out of production. Vulnerabilities are mitigated immediately and automatically – allowing Dev teams to focus on permanent fixes for the highest level vulnerabilities and determine if lower level vulnerabilities require code changes.

Virtual Patching reduces the time and effort spent on patch updates, saving time and money.

And because the app’s code is never touched or restarted, there is no risk of disrupting a mission critical app.

of all malicious attacks are aimed at the application layer

(SOURCES: DHS, Verizon)

of all successful exploits until at least 2020 will be based on vulnerabilities known to security and IT professionals for at least one year

(SOURCE: Gartner)


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