Application, Heal Thyself.


Applications are the blind spot of cyber security with most resources directed at securing the perimeter. Runtime Application Self-protection (RASP) is the next generation of application security associated with an application’s runtime. Waratek’s solution detects and prevents real-time attacks with zero false positives, doesn’t slow your applications’ performance, and increases the visibility into your apps’ operations – benefits not possible with traditional approaches to today’s threats.

of attacks are directed at the application layer

(SOURCE: US Dept of Homeland Security; Verizon)

of AppSec professionals say a lack of visibility in the application layer prevents strong security

(SOURCE: Ponemon Institute)

of 1000 central repositories include components that have not been updated in five years or longer

(SOURCE: Sonatype)

“Modern security fails to test and protect all apps. Therefore, apps must be capable of security self-testing, self-diagnostics and self-protection. It should be a CISO top priority.”

From a 2014 Gartner’s report ‘Stop Protecting Apps, It’s Time For Apps To Protect Themselves’ which was given ‘Maverick Status’ by Gartner Analysts.


Waratek Delivers Unique Benefits

RASP by Instrumentation

3% – Transactions Monitored

50-100% – Performance Impact

HIGH – False Positives

NO – Virtual CPU Patching

NO – Legacy Protection

fav-icoRASP by Virtualization

98% – Transactions Monitored

< 3% – Performance Impact

ZERO – False Positives

YES – Virtual CPU Patching

YES – Legacy Protection

The Waratek Trans-formational Approach

Waratek is a fundamentally new approach to application monitoring and protection. Using a secure virtual container, Waratek’s Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution offers benefits no one else does. Providing instant protection without code changes – and helps lower costs.

Highly Accurate

  • Full application stack protection, including 3rd party components
  • Protects legacy and current Java
  • Zero false positives
  • Unique Runtime Location
  • Defense against the OWASP Top 10

Easy to Install

  • Uses your existing runtime environment
  • No code changes
  • No prior application knowledge required
  • No compatibility issues

Simple to Operate

  • Does not slow application performance
  • Apply security patches without shutting down the application
  • Detailed monitoring & forensic data

Find out how Waratek works

Waratek Installation

Traditional Approach

  •  Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic

fav-icoWaratek Approach

  • Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic
  • Defends Against Attacks in Full Software Stack
  • Protects Vulnerable Legacy Java Applications
  • Zero False Positives
  • Does Not Slow App Performance
  • No Application Code Changes or Tuning Required
  • No Additional Servers, Sensors or Other Hardware Devices Required
  • Provides Detailed Application Level Forensic Data


Introduction to Runtime Protection


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