Application, Heal Thyself.


Applications are the blind spot of cyber security with most resources directed at securing the perimeter. Runtime Application Self Protection – RASP – is the next generation of application security associated with an application’s runtime environment. Waratek’s solution detects and prevents real-time attacks, such as SQL Injection or Remote Code Execution, with no false positives, doesn’t slow your applications’ performance, and increases the visibility into your apps’ operations – benefits not possible with traditional approaches to today’s threats.

of attacks are directed at the application layer

(SOURCE: US Dept of Homeland Security; Verizon)

of AppSec professionals say a lack of visibility in the application layer prevents strong security

(SOURCE: Ponemon Institute)

of 1000 central repositories include components that have not been updated in five years or longer

(SOURCE: Sonatype)

“Modern security fails to test and protect all apps. Therefore, apps must be capable of security self-testing, self-diagnostics and self-protection. It should be a CISO top priority.”

From a 2014 Gartner’s report ‘Stop Protecting Apps, It’s Time For Apps To Protect Themselves’ which was given ‘Maverick Status’ by Gartner Analysts.


Waratek Delivers Unique Benefits

RASP by Instrumentation

3% – Transactions Monitored

50-100% – Performance Impact

HIGH – False Positives

NO – Virtual CPU Patching

NO – Legacy Protection

fav-icoRASP by Virtualization

98% – Transactions Monitored

< 3% – Performance Impact

ZERO – False Positives

YES – Virtual CPU Patching

YES – Legacy Protection

The Waratek Trans-formational Approach

Waratek is a fundamentally new approach to application monitoring and protection. Using a secure virtual container, Waratek’s Runtime Application Self Protection technology offers benefits no one else does. Waratek RASP by Virtualization provides security technology deployed into the application runtime environment. Providing instant protection without code changes – lowering costs and extending the life of legacy applications.

Highly Accurate

  • Full application stack protection, including 3rd party components
  • Protects legacy and current Java
  • No false positives
  • Unique Runtime Location
  • Defense against the OWASP Top 10

Easy to Install

  • Installs in minutes using a simple agent plug-in
  • Uses your existing runtime environment
  • Scalable and portable for ease of Cloud and In-house deployment
  • No code changes
  • No prior application knowledge required
  • No compatibility issues

Simple to Operate

  • Does not need to learn or profile an application
  • Does not slow application performance
  • Applies virtual security patches while the application runs, no downtime
  • Virtual upgrades older, out of support applications with no code changes
  • Detailed monitoring & forensic data


Find out how the Waratek Application Security Platform  works

Heuristic-based approaches to app security such as WAF and IPS Solutions make it very difficult to operate your protection tools in unconditional blocking mode because there are too many false positives and other issues that have the potential to affect the operation of your apps.  Waratek’s unique and patented protection allows customers to confidently run their apps in full blocking mode from the start. Providing protection from known and unknown vulnerabilities (0-day) with no false positives, no tuning, no code changes and ultra-low performance overhead.

Waratek Installation

Traditional Approach

  •  Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic

fav-icoWaratek Approach

  • Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic
  • Defends Against Attacks in Full Software Stack
  • Protects Vulnerable Legacy Java Applications
  • No False Positives
  • Ultra low performance impact while under attack (<5%)
  • No Application Code Changes or Tuning Required
  • No Additional Servers, Sensors or Other Hardware Devices Required
  • Provides Detailed Application Level Forensic Data


Introduction to Runtime Protection

The Transformational Application Security Technology that Improves Protection and Operations


Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) by Virtualization

Providing unique patented runtime protection from Code Injection Attacks

Apache Struts 2 Virtual Patch

Organizations using the Struts 2 framework are vulnerable to any general code injection attack. Waratek fully remediates known CVEs with a virtual patch that can be live-updated without taking affected applications out of production.


Name Space Layout Randomization

Name Space Layout Randomization or NSLR is the equivalent of Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) for Java-based applications. Developed by Waratek, NSLR hardens the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by randomizing the JDK namespace (Java packages), which makes code injection exploits so difficult to execute that they become unfeasible.


Deserialization of Untrusted Data

Some of the most widespread security vulnerabilities to occur over the last couple years are related to when applications deserialize data from untrusted sources. Find out how Waratek’s approach to application security remediates Java object deserialization attacks using a secure runtime container


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