It’s not the Big that eat the Small…it’s the Fast that eat the Slow. 

When is comes to business applications, there is a need for speed. Fast applications can conduct more transactions, in less time, which is why companies have chosen to build their critical applications using compiled languages.

But, compilers – particularly JIT compilers – don’t  just offer a way to optimize execution. Just as the JIT compiler sniffs out and optimizes slow processes, it can also identify and remediate code flaws before these pose a risk to your business. 

In this webinar, Waratek will highlight how runtime security can harden applications and we will explore:

  • Application security challenges and the reasons why perimeter security solutions fall short in their defenses
  • How the JIT compiler can implement zero-trust security controls without false positives and without impacting application performance
  • The use of the JIT compiler for patching and compliance acceleration

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