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By November 10, 2016 August 1st, 2018 Blog

RANT ConferenceWhen the Quote of the Day is “We haven’t got Crystal Balls!” and the conference ends with the ‘Naked Baker’ you get an idea that this conference is just a little bit different!

The day was led in style by Ben Hammersley which set the tone. Security is important and you learn more if you are engaged with the speaker and can ask questions when you want, without having to wait until the end or getting bored along the way. A great moustache goes down well on the podium too!

Mock the year

Has to be one of the funniest things at a conference this year. Hosted by Jack Campbell, English Comedian of the Year 2014, who freely admitted to knowing nothing about security, with Team Members from across the Security Sector, in true ‘Mock the week’ style they entertained and tested us on facts and figures and the sheer scale of security breaches that have already happened this year.

Run under Chatham House rules we’d be evicted from Chatham if we shared too much here. So we’ll focus on just our own small part of a huge problem, where we look at a new way to secure your applications from known and unknown attack vectors and share the slides with you below.

Thank you to the RANT Event team for going the extra mile to keep everyone happy and to the RANT audience for some great questions and taking the time out to come and chat to us.

Maybe we’ll see you next year?!


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