Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) by Virtualization

rsaWaratek’s Secure Java Containers revolutionize Java Security providing fast, accurate protection in the runtime environment for both new and legacy Java Applications.

Below are a few resources to help you learn more about Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and how it can provide accurate security for your applications.

Traditional Approach

  •  Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic

fav-icoWaratek Approach

  • Defends Against Attacks in Business Logic
  • Defends Against Attacks in Full Software Stack
  • Protects Vulnerable Legacy Java Applications
  • Zero False Positives
  • Does Not Slow App Performance
  • No Application Code Changes or Tuning Required
  • No Additional Servers, Sensors or Other Hardware Devices Required
  • Provides Detailed Application Level Forensic Data

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Waratek Installation

See how the Waratek plug in works


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Waratek Introduction

Executive Overview

Waratek Technical Data Sheet

Technical Overview

Waratek Management Console

Management Console

AppSec Return on Investment

Improving AppSec and Maximising ROI

Reduce AppSec Costs

Reduce Variable Costs

No False Positive Guarantee

No False Positive Guarantee


Name Space Layout Randomization (NSLR)

Discussion Papers

Changing Economics of Application Security

Changing Economics of AppSec

Deserialization Vulnerability

Deserialization Vulnerability

Runtime Application Self Performance Performance

RASP Performance

Layer 8

Layer 8

Oracle CPU

Oracle CPU April 2017

Struts 2

Struts 2 Vulnerability

Struts 2 Vulnerability





Test Cases

Legacy Java and PCI Compliance

Legacy Java and PCI Compliance

Legacy Java and Virtual Patching

Legacy Java and Virtual Patching

Case Studies

Legacy Application Case Study

Modernizing an out-of-date, mission critical application without code changes

Virtual Patching Case Study

Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching Legacy Applications

Legacy Upgrade and Virtual Patching

Security Whitepapers

Introduction to Runtime Application Self Protection RASP

Introduction to Runtime Protection

WP Zero Downtime
White Paper Applying Know-IT Principles

Independent Reviews

BCC Risk Advisory

BCC Risk Advisory, Security Assessment

Between September and November 2014 BCC Risk Advisory ( performed a security assessment of Waratek AppSecurity for Java, which is designed to prevent SQL Injection attacks on legacy applications built on insecure code due to weak secure coding practices.


 “Waratek is the only vendor that can boast of a large-scale production deployment with a Tier 1 global investment bank, the most significant deployment of RASP that exists for Java technology today.”

JavaWorld, 20 October 2016

CSO Online

Container Security: How Waratek blocks Java exploits

‘Java is an incredibly useful language, but its complexity and flexibility also opens a myriad of security holes that require constant patching and monitoring. The Waratek Application Security Platform can eliminate those vulnerabilities, locking down applications with a secure containerization technology that is guaranteed to do its job perfectly without any false positives.’

CSO Online, 31 July 2017


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