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End of life doesn't always mean end of use.

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Java has been the primary choice for application development over the last several decades. As these applications age, and not always gracefully. Waratek Upgrade allows rapid modernization of out-of-support applications by offering a way to virtualize the entire runtime and provide the same level of security to your outdated applications.

A recent survey asked enterprise companies to share the versions of existing Java applications, the results are clear – Java has a long life ahead.

Java 6 & 7


Java 8


Java 9


SOURCE: JetBrains State of Developer Ecosystem Survey in 2018

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The time is now.

Want to use Corretto, but stuck on Java 6?

We can help.

Waratek allows you to instantly upgrade your application platform so that you can take advantage of continuous innovation.
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Watch this short video to find out how Waratek secures Legacy Java



Modernizing an out-of-date, mission critical application without code changes


Leave a legacy.
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