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By September 23, 2016 October 12th, 2016 News

SD Times

Alex Handy, SD Times writes:

Waratek helps companies update their Java

Elsewhere at the show, big businesses and enterprises were on the lookout for ways to improve the security of their applications, as online threats continue to expand. One company there to help them with that problem was Waratek.

John Matthew Holt, CTO of Waratek, said that many companies aren’t necessarily using the latest and greatest version of Java. To help them, Waratek released an updated version of Waratek AppSecurity for Java at JavaOne.

This new version extends runtime application self-protection down to legacy Java applications, bringing Java 8 levels of security awareness to older projects.

Holt said Waratek “creates a virtualized runtime inside the JVM. That has the same functional effects inside the JVM as a hypervisor has on a server. We then create a container of sorts. Inside that container you can boot an application stack, including an operating system, that will be fully isolated from the physical server below.”

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