Innotribe Startup Challenge: Opening the door to glittering prizes

By June 1, 2015 November 19th, 2018 News

Innotribe Startup Challenge

Former winners explain the role of the Innotribe Startup Challenge in their firms’ development

Technology startups face several significant challenges if they want to break into the financial world. Securing the opportunity to pitch to financial institutions is an achievement for small companies with limited resources. Even if the company does get a foot in the door, banks and investment houses are conservative organisations in the main, which rely on rigorous procurement processes to weed out small fry suppliers that may pose risks to operations or reputation.

But for those with the ideas, skills and business models to go the distance, SWIFT is reaching out a helping hand with its Innotribe Startup Challenge.

Banks were willing to talk to us because the SWIFT community had given us an award.

Brian Maccaba, chief executive, Waratek

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