In the Cloud or On Premises, Waratek Protects Your Web Applications

There is a lot of buzz about container security as organizations of all sizes look to protect their web applications from hackers as they migrate to public and private Cloud infrastructures.

There is a significant difference, though, between securing the container and using a secure container to protect your applications.

Containers like those offered by Docker, AWS, Azure, etc., require security tools to protect the container itself. Like a firewall, if the security of the container fails, the applications running inside it are vulnerable to attack.

The better way to protect container based applications is to deploy a security solution that operates inside the application’s runtime, independent of the container’s security tools.

Waratek Container Security

Secure Virtual Container

Deployed as a runtime agent, Waratek creates a secure virtual wrapper – a virtual container – around the application that protects 100% of your software stack from known and unknown vulnerabilities, including:

  • The Business Logic – the 10 -20% of the software code your team developed
  • Third party Libraries and Components from Central Repositories and Third-Party Libraries
  • Platform Frameworks; Application Servers
  • The Application Runtime i.e. JRE

The Waratek Secure Container is deployed in your application’s runtime, wherever it resides – in a Docker container, in a cloud environment like Azure or AWS, or on premises – offering a full suite of unique real-time protective and operational benefits.

Secure Virtual Container
CSO Online

Container security:

How Waratek blocks Java exploits

CSO Review – Container Security

CSO published a series of product reviews based on Gartner’s 2017 Top Security Technologies. In this review, CSO focuses on how container security offers more protection than the traditional approach to AppSec.

‘Java is an incredibly useful language, but its complexity and flexibility also opens a myriad of security holes that require constant patching and monitoring. The Waratek Application Security Platform can eliminate those vulnerabilities, locking down applications with a secure containerization technology that is guaranteed to do its job perfectly without any false positives.’

CSO Online, 31 July 2017

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