Best of Breed Partnerships

Technology Partners, Managed Security Services Providers, VARs and SIs


Application Security Partnerships

Your customer's most valuable asset is their data. Applications are the gateway to that data.

Managed Security Services Providers, VARs and SIs

Waratek solutions enable our partners to:

  • Become Trusted Advisors as they help their customers better understand and manage risk
  • Provide ongoing consultancy as they guide customers along their journey to more protection and lower risk
  • Leverage partnerships with other vendors to add value

Best of Breed Partnerships

Waratek has a unique technology that provides huge value to our customers:

  • Secure applications from the most critical attack vectors such as SQL Injection.
  • Provide unique visibility into the application estate, and the tools to lock down the attack vectors and reduce risk
  • Plug our application security intelligence into your SIEM to provide granular data on application traffic, including forensic data on attacks.
  • Correlate with logs from other security controls such as network firewalls, WAFs, IAM and Privilege Management software to quickly remediate against both internal and external attacks.

Technology Partners

We’re partnering with a wide ecosystem of technology partners:

  • We partner with application security vendors to provide automatic remediation of vulnerabilities found in application testing tools such as SAST/DAST.
  • We partner with network security vendors to provide forensic level data on application traffic and application attacks, enabling security teams to respond in real-time to attacks
  • We partner with Incident Response vendors to provide forensic level data on application attacks
  • We partner with cloud providers to enable customers to securely deploy their applications in the cloud.  Finally the age of BYOS (Bring Your Own Security) is here.