Pioneer in Next Gen AppSec

Application Security with no heuristics, no code changes and no false positives. Guaranteed.

There are only two places where an appsec vulnerability can really and truly be fixed...

Your development team or the compiler.

Waratek is an award-winning pioneer in the next generation of application security solutions.  Using patented runtime protection technology, Waratek makes it easy for teams to secure business critical applications and securely extend the life of their legacy applications. We provide some of the world’s largest brands with:

  • Instant patching of known software flaws with Runtime Virtual Patches
  • Protecting applications from known and unknown attacks vectors such as the OWASP Top Ten and SANS Top 25
  • Virtually upgrading out-of-support Java applications and platforms to the most current version without rewriting the app

No code modification.

No performance impact.

No added overhead.

No kidding.

Our team really rocks. Want to join us?

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We have a unique approach to application security.

Compiler-based technology that doesn’t just find vulnerabilities – we fix them.

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