App Security with no heuristics, no code changes, and no false positives. Guaranteed.


Waratek is highly accurate, easy to install, simple to operate and does not slow application performance – while providing protection against known and unknown vulnerabilities and exploits in current and legacy software.

Waratek takes application security programs beyond a WAF without using heuristics.  Based on patented virtualization technology, Waratek’s application security platform produces zero false positives, requires no code changes, tuning or instrumentation, and takes minutes to install – providing instant protection from the OWASP Top Ten as well as Zero Day attacks. These are benefits that cannot be provided by current WAF or emerging technologies like RASP using instrumentation or filters.

Named by Computer Defense Magazine as the 2017 Application Security Leader and 2016’s Best Application Security Solution by Government Security News, Waratek is the winner of the 2015 RSA Innovation Sandbox Award and a dozen other media and industry awards.

Waratek is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with Sales and Operations Support in Atlanta, Georgia; London, New York City and Washington DC. Waratek is a partner and/or licensee with leading IT companies including IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Century Link, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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