Waratek ARMR

Application Security Platform

The Waratek ARMR platform is complete security for business applications.


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Waratek ARMR

Application Security Platform


The only security closer to your applications are your developers.

The Waratek ARMR Application Security Platform provides unique protection in the runtime. Our products seamlessly and safely integrate into the application’s compilation pipeline, providing protection that becomes part of your application – but never requires changes to source code.

Waratek MC


Our products were designed to work together and to seamlessly integrate into your application – we even put a financial guarantee behind our promise.


The ARMR Security Management Platform allows you to customize your security needs. Upgrade legacy applications, or apply security solutions – manage from a single console.


Whether you need to protect a few critical applications or your entire application portfolio, deployment is easy and our subscriptions allow you to scale as you go.

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Waratek ARMR Platform

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