Reduce the cost of your Java infrastructure by more than 50% using jSleep from Waratek

Release memory from your Java applications when they are not in use

If you run Java infrastructure then you will know that not only do Java apps take up a lot of resources but when they are not in use they keep hold of that resource, whether they are using it or not.  jSleep is a revolutionary development from Waratek that allows apps to go into sleep mode when not in use, like closing the lid on your laptop, freeing up resources for other applications to use. 

jSleep applied to the JVM is an intriguing new take on turning off resources when they aren't being used” said John Abbott, Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research. “It’s a concept that was never widely taken up when applied at the system level to servers. The exact benefit would depend on how heavily the application portfolio is being used, but clients in the financial community tell us it’s not uncommon for up to 70% of applications on a system to be idle at any one time.” - see full analyst report