Waratek Cloud VM Features

Waratek CloudVM for Java is a 100% Java compatible (TCK compliant) virtual machine which is optimized for the Cloud.

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Core Features

Dynamic virtual machine

An advanced Java-compatible virtual machine substrate for leveraging industry standard JVM components.

Java virtualization

Run many Java applications encapsulated in isolated domains on a single CloudVM host for higher utilization, without risking critical processes being starved of compute or memory resources. 
  • Java Virtual Container (JVC): A lightweight virtualized JVM within a CloudVM host, only 1MB footprint per Java virtual container.  End painful "Jar-file hell" and class file mismatches, with each virtual container operating within a protected unique namespace.
  • Isolation: Safely isolate application behavior inside virtual container boundaries.  Deploy multiple WAR files and EAR files within individual JVCs, ensuring that malicious or aberrant behavior by one JVC does not effect neighboring JVCs.
  • Multitenant application platforms: Transform a single Java EE platform instance of Apache Tomcat into an elastic multitenant platform service with each WAR file transparently operating within an isolated JVC.
  • Version concurrency: Support legacy applications and sophisticated test processes by running multiple versions of the same application software side-by-side within a single CloudVM host.

Elastic memory

Enable real time elastic memory for virtual containers that will ensure your applications always have access to coveted machine memory especially during peak operational time. Being able to deploy intelligent memory scaling per virtual container means the application will only use additional memory above its quota when required and hand it back to the O/S when its done. In addition to allowing users to achieve even greater density, this unique feature means that you will never again experience "out of memory " error messages for your applications.

CPU capacity prioritization

Define advanced resource allocation policies for virtual containers on a shared CloudVM host to improve service levels to software applications.  Modify allocations while JVCs are running.  Enable applications to dynamically acquire more resources to accommodate peak performance.
  • CPU affinity: Control the precise CPU threads of a JVC can execute on.  Configure unique CPU affinity policies for each WAR file that you run.
  • CPU quotas: Establish relative or absolute CPU quotas for each JVC.


Increase application density and server efficiency for large CloudVM hosts with support for up to 64 Java virtual containers per CloudVM host.

Utility metering and accounting

Monitor every aspect of virtual container execution.  Police resource-hungry applications and measure actual consumed capacity in real-time.
  • Gigahertz-hour/gigabyte-hour metering: Meter real-time and historical compute usage of each JVC by CPU hertz and memory byte, enabling innovative GHz-h and GB-h charge-back models for true pay-as-you-use utility computing.


Standards compliant and widely tested, run CloudVM with leading applications, platforms, and infrastructures.
  • Java 2 SE TCK certified: Certified against Java 2 SE 1.6 standards, run Java-based applications with no change to source-code or object-code.
  • Operating Systems: Supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6, distributed as an easy-to-install RPM package.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Special support for hassle-free high-density Java hosting solutions on IBM SmartCloud and Amazon EC2 with Waratek-prepared CloudVM machine images. 
  • Java-as-a-Service: Transform off-the-shelf Java platform software like VMware vFabric tcServer, and Apache Tomcat into elastic multitenant platform services with utility metering and accounting.

Manageability and Extensibility

Enterprise grade management facilities for virtualizing Java-based applications and workloads.  Extend the Waratek CloudVM through programmable APIs to create highly customized virtual container types and configurations.
  • Jirsh shell: A sophisticated Java virtualization shell built into CloudVM, modeled on virsh