Java as a Service

The Waratek CloudVM for Java enables you to set up a Cloud environment (Platform-as-a-Service) offering Java-as-a-Service (JaaS) where you can run and scale Java applications with no code change required.  The Waratek binary compatible JVM allows you to gain the benefits associated with Cloud delivery.  With Waratek you are not tied to using a specific service provider, you can use your own internal Cloud environment or a publically available IaaS solution such as Amazon, migrating or sharing between locations as required.  The Waratek CloudVM for Java transforms off-the-shelf Java platform software such as VMware vFabric tcServer and Apache Tomcat into elastic multitenant platform services with utility metering and over commit controls.

Java as a Service

Using the Waratek CloudVM for Java enables you to:
Accelerate time-to-market for new business initiatives and application services - Greater flexibility in provisioning, customization and optimization of applications has transformed set-up costs and turned them into an operational rather than capital expense with elastic computing power that can be scaled as required.
Take legacy applications to the cloud without re-engineering or re-writing - Because the environment is binary compatible, developers can migrate their Java applications without wasting time and money modifying existing code. No code changes and no restrictions.

Leverage the agility of the Cloud and on-demand services -
Our combination of granular elasticity and instant scalability gives a business unprecedented agility. Having the capability to automatically “flex” an application creates an “always-on” enterprise that is more responsive to market forces.

Control precise costs of computer usage in real time - When each department within the organization is party to a charge-back model, where they are metered in real time on what they use rather than what they have at their disposal, IT becomes a utility service. The business has much better visibility and more control of costs.

The Waratek Cloud VM for Java provides:
  • Multitenant JVM – run up to 64 Java Virtual Containers per Cloud VM host
  • Increased application density – x 10
  • Elastic provisioning – control CPU priorities, bandwidth quotas and more with the ability to update during live operation
  • Elastic memory - allowing memory bursting, over-commitment and ballooning
  • Utility Metering – know exactly how much resource is used by every application

Further information can be found in our Java problems in the Cloud White Paper and Technical Architecture White Paper.