Enterprise Java Deployment

Waratek products enable Enterprises to secure their Java applications within the runtime environment.


Waratek AppSecurity for JavaWaratek AppSecurity for Java provides protection to applications, data and platforms with no code changes, software agents or network devices whether deployed within the Enterprise or on a Hybrid or Cloud


Waratek LockerWaratek Locker provides a secure container for the applications you deploy in the Cloud. Available as a pre-packaged Tomcat environment on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.




Modern security fails to test and protect all apps. Therefore, apps must be capable of security self-testing, self-diagnostics and self-protection. It should be a CISO top priority.

Stop Protecting Your Apps; It’s Time for Them To Protect Themselves
Joseph Feiman, Gartner Fellow and Analyst,


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Waratek launches security layer within its Java Virtual Machine

By Michael Azoff – Waratek’s Java virtualization technology creates secure Java Containers, which are abstract versions of the underlying JVM. The company has built a portfolio of services and products around its patented technology, which is certified Java-compliant. The most recent launch is Waratek Application Security for Java, which runs as a single Waratek JVM and […]