Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Scalable. Efficient. Cost-effective.

The Waratek CloudVM for Java takes away complexity, cuts costs and delivers new efficiencies for developing and hosting multiple Java applications on low-cost Cloud computing infrastructure.
Massive scalability makes new models of software delivery a real option for more businesses. A secure multitenant platform facilitates instant elasticity and resource prioritisation based on each application.

Cloud enable your Java code now with NO CODE CHANGE.

The infrastructure cost of running multiple copies of Java software applications has been prohibitive.  The Waratek CloudVM for Java facilitates multiple Java applications in a cost-effective multitenant environment. The Waratek CloudVM for Java provides your application with full cloud characteristics of genuine multitenancy and granular elasticity which means you can run hundreds of customer applications, dedicating just the right amount of resources to each customer.

To date, delivering a Java business application back to the business from the Cloud has called for excessive infrastructure investment or complex re-engineering. The Waratek CloudVM for Java allows Java applications to run securely in a genuine multitenant environment, “flexing” up and down to meet the demands of multiple users simultaneously. Scalable and cost-efficient, it benefits from true multitenancy to address markets of any size.

Further information can be found in our Java problems in the Cloud White Paper and Technical Architecture White Paper.