Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

Elastic. Flexible. Compatible.

The Waratek Cloud VM for Java provides the world’s first platform for cloud computing that lets you migrate existing applications effortlessly and seamlessly.
By extending the JVM rather than your Java application, Waratek provides a solution which imbues your existing Java code with full cloud characteristics at run-time.

Turn your Platform as a Service (PaaS) into Java as a Service (JaaS)

To port Java applications to many of today’s leading cloud platforms, they have to be re-engineered or rewritten in proprietary and limited languages. Instead of changing the software application, use the Waratek CloudVM to take Java to the cloud with no restrictions or code changes. Applications can now benefit from cloud features, such as instant scalability, granular elasticity and maximum flexibility.  

Rather than re-write or significantly re-engineer Java applications to reap the benefits of the Cloud, use Waratek Cloud VM for Java to painlessly port them over. This enables existing Java investments and subsequent Java solutions to thrive on a more flexible platform with key cloud characteristics, such as multitenancy, granular elasticity, instant scalability, prioritisation and real time metering.
Further information can be found in our Java problems in the Cloud White Paper and Technical Architecture White Paper.