Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Faster. Simpler. Streamlined.

The Waratek CloudVM for Java can increase application density x10 and reduce infrastructure costs by 90 per cent.
Transform business processes with technology you can scale and meter. Upgrade existing infrastructure with a real-time cloud platform that performs better and is easier to manage.


A typical Java application deployment requires multiple Operating Systems (OS) and Java Virtual Machines. The infrastructure is inefficient to run and makes it difficult for cloud applications to co-exist. The Waratek CloudVM for Java simplifies your infrastructure requirements by reducing the number of operating systems and requiring a single platform layer thus streamlining application deployment. Application density can be dramatically increased, reducing infrastructure costs by 90 per cent for each application.

Until now, Java applications have struggled to maximize the benefits of virtualized cloud environments. The Waratek CloudVM for Java increases application density while delivering the performance of business critical servers at a fraction of the cost. Our unique multitenant platform allows mutually distrusting Java applications to be safely and securely hosted, side-by-side, within a single Java Virtual Machine.

Further information can be found in our Java problems in the Cloud White Paper and Technical Architecture White Paper.