Java Virtualization from Waratek enables you to:

  • Improve the operation and reliability of your applications

  • Dramatically increase application density

  • Protect your Java applications

  • Free up memory when your applications are not in use

If you run Java, you need Waratek's Award Winning Products.

Java was developed 17 years ago and it is estimated that between $2 and $3 trillion have been invested in Java applications and infrastructure. Today, Java is still the world’s most popular programming language with the majority of enterprise applications written in Java by more than 9 million programmers worldwide.  However, Java was never really architected for the demands of virtualization and cloud computing. To gain the benefits of cloud deployment, applications need to be multitenant and elastic – but Java was never designed for cloud computing.

Java VirtualizationJava is resource intensive - and does not virtualize well. As a result only 15% of enterprise servers run virtualised workloads. Virtualization is a key issue for cloud deployment with half of all new enterprise and eCommerce applications developed in Java since the year 2000.

With Waratek, for the first time, Java can be virtualized at the software level.

The Waratek CloudVM for Java is a breakthrough product that takes existing Java code and makes it multitenant and elastic. With no code changes required it dramatically increases application density and improves the operation and reliability of your Java applications.

jSleep, let your apps napjSleep is a revolutionary development from Waratek that allows you to free up resources from your applications when they are not in use, just like closing the lid on your laptop. Idle applications no longer waste memory which becomes available for use by active applications. When a user requires an application, it is immediately available.

ElastiCat, Virtualization for Apache TomcatElastiCat is the Waratek Virtualization Driver that turns the popular Apache Tomcat Servlet container into an elastic and multitenant cloud ready solution. If you use Tomcat, then you should be using ElastiCat. Try it now for free.

Waratek Java Virtualization Interface (JVI) is an open source API enabling developers to build their own Virtualization Driver. This 100% pure Java API allows developers to make their existing applications cloud ready, with no code change.

The much-hyped promise of turning IT into a service, delivered back to the business in a way that can be scaled and metered, becomes a reality with Waratek .

Whether it’s deployed on an external Cloud, such as Amazon EC2, internally within an organization or helps improve Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, Waratek helps you to dramatically cut your infrastructure costs and improve your application operation and availability.

Further information can be found in our Java problems in the Cloud White Paper and Technical Architecture White Paper and check out our Blog which is a great wealth of knowledge.