Application Security

Making Applications Self Protecting, Self Diagnosing and Self Testing.

Providing Runtime Application Self Protection to secure applications against malicious attack in the Data Center, Hybrid or Public Cloud with no code changes, agents or network devices required.

Application Security for Java

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Securing Java from the Inside Out.

Java is used for the majority of production Enterprise applications deployed today. However, these applications lack the ability to defend themselves from today’s targeted, dynamic attacks…read more

Waratek Locker is a secure container that enables Bring Your Own Security, BYOS, allowing you to control the security of your new and legacy applications on the Cloud…read more

Application Security for Java

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application security for java – securing java from the inside out

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Waratek Can Automatically Fix Security Flaws In Java Apps


Tom Groenfeldt writes: Waratek, which came to light in Accenture’s London FinTech Innovation Lab with its software to run multiple Java apps on a single server, has found its technology also provides protection against even previously unknown threats, so-called zero day attacks. Actually, Waratek didn’t design or discover this — a technologist at a European money […]

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