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Specialists in application security in the Enterprise or Cloud. Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) for server side Java applications using patented Secure Java Containers. Secure your Java Estate in your Enterprise, Hybrid or Public Cloud with no code changes or agents required.

Application Security for Java

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Find out how Waratek provides in built runtime application security for your new and legacy Java apps.

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Securing Java from the Inside Out.

Java is used for the majority of production Enterprise applications deployed today. However, these applications lack the ability to defend themselves from today’s targeted, dynamic attacks…read more

Waratek Locker is a secure container that enables Bring Your Own Security, BYOS, allowing you to control the security of your new and legacy applications on the Cloud…read more

Waratek CloudVM delivers true multitenancy and elasticity. Enterprises can now deploy multiple Java apps on a server within their own environment or the Cloud to dramatically reduce operating costs…read more

Application Security for Java

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application security for java – securing java from the inside out

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Waratek takes on SQL injections with new RASP approach


A Dublin-based vendor claims to have completely solved SQL Injection By Maria Korolov |  Companies looking to protect their Web applications from SQL injection attacks typically install a firewall in learning mode and train it to recognize attacks. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s been the best available. But now Dublin-based vendor Waratek claims to […]

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